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Human Hair Extensions VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

Nov 7, 2019

There are various hair extensions on the market – tape-in, wigs, weaves, clip-ins and so on. Clip-in Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Extensions can transform the finest and shortest hair into long, thick, luscious locks within minutes. Clip-in hair extension wefts are a strip of hair that has clips attached to them. These clips can be easily attached onto your natural hair without professional help. The biggest perk of clip-in hair extensions is that they cause absolutely no damage to your hair. A dream come true! They can even be an alternative to add a pop of colour without damaging your natural hair. 

What is the main difference?

Synthetic hair extensions is not grown from a human head and in fact contains no real human hair. They are made from various synthetic blended fibres which include very fine plastic that imitate Human Hair. Human Hair Extensions on the other hand are made from human hair which is collected from a certified donor. The quality of synthetic fibres is generally stiff and move differently from human hair – they tend to be wiry and coarse to the touch. This is the primary reason they do not blend well with your natural hair.

Price & Quality

Clip in human hair extensions cost more than synthetic extensions. This is because synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibres, which do not last as long as human hair extensions and are easily damaged. The quality of human hair will outweigh the cost difference, and the primary reason is quality and longevity. Sapphire Hair 100% Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions will last approximately 1 year (with proper care). Sometimes they will last even longer depending on how often they are worn, how they are stored, and cared for. Whereas, synthetic hair extensions last approximately 1-3 months. This primarily depends on the quality of synthetic hair.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Human Hair Extentions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

How long do they last?
1 Year – 1+ Years (with proper care). Approximately 1-3 months.
Can they be styled?
100% Human Hair Extensions are heat-friendly and can be styled just like your own hair using heating tools. Synthetic Hair Extensions will melt when exposed to heat.
What will be the better option for special occasions such as weddings?
For special occasions, such as weddings- choose 100% Clip in Human Hair Extensions. They look natural, blend seamlessly, and can be styled in various ways. Depending on your hair looks you may be able to use synthetic hair extensions- just remember they melt when exposed to heat, so this places a limit on what styles can be created.
Will they blend with my natural hair?
Human Hair Extensions look the most natural and blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Depending on the quality of synthetic hair extensions and the desired hairstyle the synthetic hair extensions may blend well with your hair.
Can they be coloured?
Human Hair Extensions can be toned or dyed. Synthetic Hair Extensions cannot be toned or dyed.
How is the texture?
Silky, soft and shiny. Wiry, coarse, and less shine.


Heat Friendly?

Clip in human hair extensions are heat-friendly and can be styled using hot tools. You can curl, blow dry, straighten them just like your own natural hair! This is the biggest upside, the overall natural look. The texture, feel, and colour will seam in effortlessly with your natural hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions will melt when exposed to heat – especially when using high heat or professional grade products. There are a few heat-friendly options available, those which can be styled using low to medium heat.

Clip in human hair extensions are the first choice for professional stylist. They are natural looking, can be applied in various ways, and can be coloured if needed. Sapphire Hair Extensions come in 20 different shades with natural undertones to blend seamlessly with your natural hair color, shop our colours and find your perfect match

In summary, clip in human hair extensions can be treated just like your natural hair and looks and feels just like it. It will blend easily and last longer than synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper than clip-in human hair extensions however, they will not blend, feel, or look natural like your own hair. Further, they will not last as long.