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A Look into Sapphire Hair: One of the Best Hair Tool Brands

Sep 19, 2019

When we spot someone with gorgeous hair, we think “How did they get their hair looking so good? They must spend a fortune!” We believe that everyone deserves gorgeous hair and the confidence that it brings without having to break the bank. Styling your hair and achieving salon results should not be a hassle. Do you have hair that is super fine, damaged, thin, curly, or just full of kinks and cowlicks? Whatever you are dealing with, Sapphire Hair got you covered. We pride ourselves on being among the best hair tool brands in Canada. Our mission was to create revolutionary products with innovative technology at an affordable price.

The Journey to Becoming One of the Best Hair Tool Brands

The owners at Sapphire Hair hold over a decade of expertise in the hair industry. They have tested and used top-rated hair tools from various brands in the industry. It took several years to imagine, design and create the perfect line of hair tools and hair extensions. The goal was to create the perfect tool for in-salon use and in the comfort of a customer’s home. Get that perfect salon quality hair at home with fast and efficient tools. Finding hair extensions without paying an arm and a leg was next to impossible or finding quality hair extensions that matched the price. The owners sourced the best quality of Remy and Virgin Human Hair Extensions. Ensuring each set was thick from the top to bottom, while also ensuring a wide variety of colours to blend naturally. 

Rose Gold Titanium

All our hair tools are built with the highest grade of titanium. Our rose gold titanium is an aesthetic touch that gives our tools an added element of elegance and sophistication. Our revolutionary technology paired with mineral enhanced titanium creates the perfect curl and sleek straightened strands each  time within seconds. With our equally heated barrel you will never have to see a lop-sided curl again. Each Sapphire Hair tool has been perfectly crafted with mineral based metals to enhance, protect, and style your hair. 

Benefits of Titanium Hair Tools

  • Titanium is a naturally occurring metal high in minerals which is remarkable for hair tools. When you add an equal distribution of heat to titanium, it emits negative ions and allows the minerals to enter the hair- instantly reducing frizz and increasing shine!
  • Great for all hair types! Super fine, thin, curly, or un-tameably thick? Our titanium hair tools delivers the fastest heat transfer for immediate and superior results. Don’t be afraid of the heat! Our Sapphire Hair tools have adjustable heat settings for your hair type. So, you can use the perfect heat setting to achieve smooth, frizz-fee, shiny results.
  • Titanium is a lightweight metal, so now you can say goodbye to sore arms and heavy hair tools!

Reduce Drying Time by 70% with Sapphire Hair Blow Dryer!


A weekly blow out is not an option for many of us, however, now you can achieve salon quality hair right at home without breaking the bank. No more wishing that Siri would wash and style your hair! Save time in the mornings, evenings, or whenever you decide to wash your hair.  The Sapphire Hair Blow Dryer is perfect for all hair types. While striving to be one of the best hair tool brands, it was crucial for us to cut down drying time while providing a tool that benefits your hair. Your hair will be left remarkably softer and healthier with less static and frizz, while reducing your drying time up to 70%!  Our Ionic Blow Dryer is equipped with a silent fan blade, cool blast, an AC salon style motor allowing it to last 3 times longer than the conventional DC motor and prevents heat damage with our double ionic technology. Our blow dryer contains 3 various heat settings and includes 2 sizes of concentrators and 1 diffuser, so no need to worry about spending extra on accessories. 

What Are The Benefits of the Double Ion Setting?

Our all in one Sapphire Hair Dryer is versatile and can be used for any hair type without causing damage.

Positive Ion Setting: As the air blows, the hair cuticles open which provides a deeper and more effective drying penetration to the cortex of the hair.

Negative Ion Setting: Generates 100x more negative ions than any other ionic dryer on the market. This will leave your hair feeling extremely soft, healthier, with less static and frizz.

One of the Best Hair Tool Brands – Just Ask Our Reviews!

As an online store, Sapphire Hair’s hair tools and extensions are readily available across Canada and the United States. We invite you to check out our reviews (on our product page) and see what our clients and customers have to say about our products. If you’re in need of any advice on which tool will be best for you or have any other questions, we are here to help!