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2020 Hair Trends with Sapphire Hair

Jan 6, 2020

New Year New Hair is the Motto. There are so many amazing trends that have surfaced for this year! From New York Fashion week and much more from waves, crystals, barrettes and floral pieces. Soft, romantic waves and curls are a huge hit to start of this new decade! Your everyday looks are about to get a lot more chic with these incredible 2020 hair trends. Take a look!


Give your hair a little sass with one of the easiest 2020 hair trends! Barrettes making a comeback, plus they’re super chic and easy to use. Use one or a few of them on one side of your head. If you’re a 90’s kid you’ll sure remember this beloved trend (who remembers the butterfly clips?). Two decades later, these clips are making a huge comeback and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


Remember your grandmother’s classic pearl necklace or earrings? Well, those are making a major comeback too. Incorporating pearls is another one of the 2020 hair trends that we more than excited to get behind. This style creates a modern chic look that can be paired great with braids, corn rows, topknots, straightened or curled hair! You can find pearl barrettes, bobby pins, beads and even spin pins!

Lavender Floral

Floral has been a hair trend for many years now from floral side combs, bobby pinned floral accessories, head bands etc. For 2020, not only is the incorporation of floral in again, its most prominent star is Lavender. Lavender being stuck into top knots, boho braids, bridal hairstyles you name it. All for that goddess garden fairy feel!

Hair Combs

The 80’s and 90’s are heavily inspiring 2020 hair trends! Here’s your proof – hair combs are back! Natural brushed out hair (or even straightened or curled) pulled back with combs – these Hair Combs are trendsetting everywhere. You can get them plain, bejeweled and even with beads or floral work on them to incorporate several different 2020 hair trends! We are so happy this amazing hair trend is back for this decade! 

Hair Crystals

Shine bright like a diamond. Your hair definitely can, and not just for the holidays or a wedding but all year long! With this 2020 hair trend, pair up hair crystals with either the glue on ones, barrettes, hair combs, bobby pins or crystal hair pieces. This trend pairs up beautifully with curled or straightened hair which can be effortlessly done with the Sapphire Hair Flat Iron or our Curling Iron or Curling Wand.

Twisted Half Up & Down Messy Buns

Looking for something easy & flirty within these 2020 hair trends? This look is effortless with fluffy combed out textured curls or natural wavy hair and a big messy bun. Try curling your hair with the Sapphire Hair 35mm Curling Wand or 35mm Curling Iron for the perfect curls!

Finger Waves

Finger waves will never not be in style which is why we had to give it a shoutout alongside all these 2020 hair trends. You can pair this look with anything from a low do, high bun, ponytail or just down! They’re super fun but they do take time to master. Make sure you look up some tutorials of how to achieve the perfect finger waves look!

Adorned Braids

Adorned braids are one of the most creative 2020 hair trends! You have free range for this trend and can pair it will tons of other trends too! Threading beads (white, champagne, gold, rose gold or silver) or floral, pearl or crystal hair pins or coil pieces through your braids are huge this year. It’s like having Coachella hair any day of the year. 

Bouncy Ponytails

This 2020 hair trend is perfect for on the go! It’s as simple as this: softly curl your hair with the Sapphire Hair Curling Wand or Iron. Brush your hair back and out, and using an elastic to keep the pony together and that’s it! You’ll achieve this soft curled stylish pony. You can also pair this with any of the accessories from these 2020 hair trends like barrettes!

Slicked Back

The wet hair trend is back. We totally loved Kim K’s 2019 Met Gala look of being a “Mermaid out of the sea”.  We also loved this look of her sister Kendall. Dampen your hair slick it back with gel portion by portion with a fine tooth comb and blast it with hair spray to achieve this trend setting hair look.

Give one of these amazing 2020 hair trends a try this year! These styles will look great on any hair type and length, and are easy to create. Make sure to share your recreations and tag us with your photos #sapphirehair #2020hairtrends. We are excited to see your New Year New Hair looks!