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Dec 13, 2019

With the holidays around the corner we wanted to share some of 2019’s most popular holiday hairstyles. It’s all about the effortless looks- chic, retro and simple. Whether you are going to a family Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Gala Event, these holiday hairstyles will have others saying “Wow”. Here is a quick guide from easy to moderately easy holiday hairstyles! Enjoy!

Classic Ballerina Bun

Looking for an easy way to bring your whole look together? Try a Ballerina Bun, this clean and sophisticated look will sharpen your features, highlight your accessories, and have you stand out in a crowd. The trick to this look is to keep your edges and top of your hair sleeked back – a tight high ponytail is the perfect foundation for this look. Next, take your remaining hair into a bun or sections of it and use an elastic to hold it together. You may also use a small donut filler for more foundation and support. Use bobby pins to hold the bun into place, begin by inserting them around your bun to ensure it is fully secured. Now you can dance the night away!


Looking to achieve a simple yet stylish holiday hairstyle? Start by having your hair straightened, use the Sapphire Hair Titanium Flat Iron to achieve perfectly straight hair within minutes. If you prefer a more effortless romantic look, you can create loose waves by using the Sapphire Hair Titanium Curling Wand. The Sapphire Hair 25mm Wand will create more defined waves and the 32mm Curling Wand will create effortless beach waves, so you pick! Starting at the top of your head, section your hair from the left and the right, take 2-3 inches of hair width wise from each side and tie the sectioned hair into a pony (tight or loose). Begin wrapping your hair for your top bun and use a texturizing spray to give your hair that perfect messy top knot look, secure the look by using a hair tie and bobby pins.


Looking for a holiday hairstyle that will define your facial features by making you look snatched/contoured? This is the perfect sharp statement holiday hairstyle to go with your show stopping outfit. To achieve this look, have your hair straightened, (use the Sapphire Titanium Flat Iron to achieve perfectly straight hair). A smoothing hair serum or balm would be great to use to smoothen out any flyaways. You will need elastics to tie your high pony and potentially bobby pins. To achieve ultimate height for your ponytail, flip your head upside down and brush your hair up into a pony to the desired height.


Want an effortless style without the bobby pins or hair elastics? Big Sexy curls are the perfect holiday hairstyle for you. Use the Sapphire Titanium 32mm Curling Iron to achieve these loose effortless curls. Take bigger sections of your hair and curl them section by section. Once you are done take a medium-hold hairspray and spray it all over your luscious curls. You may use your fingers to comb out the curls. Have shorter hair? Not a problem, get instantly thicker hair by using Sapphire Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions  for more length and volume.


This look is romantic and magical! Loosely curl your hair with the Sapphire Titanium 32mm Wand  to achieve perfect long-lasting curls. Leave a few strands of hair at the front to frame your face. Take a section of hair on one side or both and create a nice loose braid. You will need hair elastics to hold the ends of the braid or bobby pins to secure the braids below the crown of your head.


So pretty and so simple! This is a winning holiday hairstyle. To achieve this look, curl your hair, loose or tight. Part your hair in the middle or side, whichever you prefer. Start taking pieces of hair and crossing them, left to right or right to left, pinning each strand with a bobby pin. Begin crossing the hair below the crown of your head – you may backcomb these strands if desired. Take the rest of your hair into two halves and create a knot wrap with the remaining hair around the bun, pin all the loose ends to secure the bun. Voila! You’ve got your effortless knotted low do! If you hair is heavier use a hair tie to secure the knot wrap.  

Give one of these amazing holiday hairstyles a try this holiday season. These holiday hairstyles are versatile and will look great with any hair length and texture. Share your recreations and tag #sapphirehair for a chance to be featured on our social media pages! To save on any of our hair tools this holiday season use code “Holiday50” for 50% off all hair tools. 

Happy Holidays!